Our Thought in One Place

  • 4th of July comes every year and with it comes parties, friends, cookouts, beaches,pools, and fireworks. But every year we stop and take a moment to reflect on Independence Day, the day we declared our right to freedom, and how we are blessed to wake up everyday in a country free of oppression. We encourage you today, wherever you are, whatever your are doing, to stop and take a minute to reflect on the sacrifice that has been laid down for our freedom.

    Thank you to all the military men and women who serve and have served to protect this great nation and give us hope. We know there isn’t a better place we would want to call home than the United States of America.

    JASE wants to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy Independence Day. Enjoy the time with your family and friends, whatever your plans maybe. Also, please remember to be safe and be responsible.

    fourth of julyimage credit: Timothy K Hamilton on flickr