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  • One of the early Apple Watch reviews have come in from Mashable. Lance Ulanoff has written an indepth review of the watch and offers valuable insight for perspective owners.

    I started this review process as a serious skeptic, but not a denier. I wear a smartwatch (the Pebble Steel) almost every day. When I started testing the Apple Watch almost a week ago, I insisted on wearing the Pebble on my left wrist while wearing the new device on my right to compare. However, a few days in, I realized I was no longer glancing at the Pebble.

    I finally left the Pebble behind, and I don’t miss it. That’s because the Apple Watch is an excellent, elegant, stylish, smart and fundamentally sound device.

    – Lance Ulanoff, Mashable

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    Mashable Apple Watch Review

    image credit: Mashable