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  • Over the last few weeks the public has enjoyed commercial that premiered during the Super Bowl on Feb.4. For the past 25 years, USA Today has used an ad meter to determine your favorites and this year’s favorite is the Anheuser-Busch ad about the relationship between the Clydesdale and the man that raised him.

    With a 7.76 on a scale of 1 to 10, the Anheuser-Busch ad beat the Tide miracle Stain ad, the Dodge Ram Farmer ad, the Frito-Lay Doritos Fashionista daddy ad and the Jeep Whole Again ad; in that order.

    The biggest winner during Super Bowl XLVII ad competition

    One of the most talked about ads during the Super Bowl was the ad tweeted by Oreo. During the now infamous power outage, Oreo tweeted and ad that took advantage of the power outage. The tweet stated; “Power out? No problem.” Attached to the tweet was an ad that with a picture of an Oreo and the words, “You Can Still Dunk In The Dark.”

    Oreo and their advertising agency 360i took advantage of the opportunity and successfully caught the attention of the audience on Twitter and now everyone across the world.

    Take advantage of the opportunity

    Pay attention to current events and take advantage of opportunities to use social media to the advantage of your business. While Oreo also had television ads during the Super Bowl it was the quick decision of the marketing team and advertising company and the use of Twitter that really paid off.

    Your business can take advantage of marketing opportunities by planning ahead, using various marketing outlets and by using creative marketing tactics. Is your business looking for creative ways to market its products or services? Contact JASE Group to learn exciting ways to market your business.

    oreos and milkimage credit: by unprose on Flickr