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  • We had an exciting week at the Studio last week announcing the addition of two new clients to the family, and then ending with an awesome celebration of the rising of Jesus Christ. My favorite part? Hunting Easter Eggs with our granddaughter, Jeri. Seeing excitement and happiness on a 2-year-old’s face is more than I can describe. Oh, and also my dancing to Frozen’s Let It Go has to be a major highlight. Can you imagine? :)

    What was your excitement for the week? I want to hear about it — Tweet me here and give me the deets.

    Monday, March 30th

    • I started the week bright and early by meeting with Beau of 757 Makerspace in Ghent. We are working on a project together to develop 3D models from our graphic sketches for Dragas Companies of Virginia Beach. These are going to be awesome, if I do say-so myself.
    • You all know that content marketing is a staple with us and the work we do for our clients. Cameron worked on several social articles for the week for Janney Insurance Agency of Yorktown and Chesapeake and also for Gordy EyeCare of Phenix City, AL. Content marketing, being today’s SEO, is so very critical to the success of our projects.
    • Denise and Cameron delivered new ad concepts for Nathan’s Lynnhaven Pawn Shop of Virginia Beach. These ads will run during the whole month of April. Man, they look amazing!
    • Fulfilling his communications role, Cameron has established a new media relationship with Tide Radio of Hampton Roads. These types of relationships have been perfect for our clients and the success of the initiatives our team develops for them.

    Tuesday, March 31st

    • Kevin of new Coelacanth Brewing fame here in Ghent stopped by The Studio Tuesday morning. He introduced himself to us and we chatted about their new build-out, upcoming product launches, and the many benefits of living and working in Ghent.
    • Walt delivered the first round of dynamite corporate logo draft designs for Hampton Mental Health Associates. Our team continues to amaze!
    • The PR team published a press release announcing our new Dirty Buffalo [restaurant of Norfolk] partnership. Ongoing media relationships is so important to our business. We appreciate these friendships in the industry.
    • We launched a new social article, JASE Group Signs a Cool New Client, Dirty Buffalo, as Advertising Agency of Record (, in conjunction with the press release. Can you tell we are proud of this partnership? :) Let’s get you onboard. Feel free to contact our team anytime to see how we can help your business also.
    • Cameron led a small investigative team into several new Virginia state and local government RFPs that we are actively pursuing. I can’t go into too much detail here on the specific RFPs, but the team is investing valuable time into tackling a couple of hot projects in Virginia.

    Wednesday, April 1st

    • On Wednesday we launched a new social article, Microsoft Office Goes Free ( Can you imagine? Free. You might want to check out the details of this deal.
    • Big news: This became new client Wednesday. We received a commitment from Veteran Freight Brokers of Portsmouth to become their digital solutions agency. New clients coming onboard always makes me happy. :)  More info on Christy and her team in a later update.
    • Our buddy Brian of Fleet Printing stopped by with a few promotional item samples for the Norfolk Cosmopolitan Club. Our group is trying to decide on branded gifts to present to luncheon speakers.
    • Nicole and I had dinner at Press 626 in Ghent. She has been traveling to visit her Nanny in the hospital quite a bit over the past few weeks so winding down with fabulous food and a glass of wine was just what the doctor ordered.

    Thursday, April 2nd

    • Jennifer of Mermaid Winery in Ghent stopped by the Studio to discuss advertising strategies and future projects together. She is a fun local entrepreneur to chat with.
    • I met with Andrea of LaBella in Ghent on Thursday afternoon to discuss advertising strategies and upcoming projects together. I can’t wait to get rolling with Andrea and his team. He and Marti are a very cool couple that has figured out the Hampton Roads restaurant market.
    • Cameron attended the monthly Ghent Business Association membership meeting. Friends. Neighbors. Partners. Contacts. Love it!
    • On Thursday evening, I got to hang out with Jeri, our granddaughter. Nicole was out of town again so Jeri got to Poppiesit to keep me busy. We enjoyed a full dose of Frozen, and sang and danced to Let It Go for hours. Fun!

    Friday, April 3rd

    • We launched another new social article, All-In-One Marketing Platform For Your Restaurant: Online Reservations (, with more information on our JASE Restaurant Marketing initiative. Check it out. Good stuff for the restaurant industry.
    • Our ace ad team, Walt (creative director) and Sue (copywriter) released a new Virginian-Pilot At Home newspaper ad for Dragas Companies. Again, man, these guys are good.

    Saturday, April 4th

    • Saturday morning was filled with waiting a few hours at the DMV . . . but it was all for a good cause. My niece, Cassidy, tested and passed her driver learners permit exam. So exciting for her.

    Sunday, April 5th

    • Resurrection Day! God is good, right? We attended services at Tabernacle Church in Norfolk and then had lunch and easter egg hunting festivities with the extended family at Mark’s house in Hampton.

    I hope you guys have a great rest of this week. Unfortunately Nicole and I will be traveling to her Nanny’s funeral so please keep us in your prayers.

    Keep your chin up, your eyes bright, and your ears open–you never know when a juicy bit of knowledge will come flying at you. Stop in for coffee at The Studio (click here for directions). I’m available any time.

    Your friend in Christ,

    Coffee with The CEO

  • Many thanks to our friends at 757 Makerspace across the street from us in Ghent for manufacturing to our specs and installing the new sign at our studio.  Check out the photos below.

    JASE Studio Front Sign


    JASE Studio Front Sign


    JASE Studio Front Sign


    JASE Studio Front Sign


    JASE Studio Front Sign

  • We had a dream.  We mocked up our dream.  We discussed our dream.  And now it’s no longer a dream.

    The cool guys at 757 Makerspace across the street from our office in Ghent are helping bring our dream to reality.  Stay tuned for more photos after the install next week.

    JASE office front signage collage