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  • Changes with Google+ may be positive changes for your brand.

    The second largest global social network recently made some changes to their pages. While it may not seem like Google+ is still relevant, numbers show that there is still a significant amount of users on the social network.

    Facebook still leads the social media wars with much more active monthly users than Google+. However, Google+ continues to make an effort to improve the social media network.

    The most recent updates involve changes that are beneficial for brand pages.

    Here are a few changes made by Google+ that should make your business’ page standout.

    Large cover photo– The size of the cover photo on the brand page has increased in order to help you showcase your business better. The cover photo was originally 940 by 180 pixels has now been upgraded to 2120 by 1192 pixels. The larger photo space offers your business a chance to market your business through a creative use of photography.

    Changes for ‘About’ tab– The About page will now be easier to read and easier to edit. The About section features five sections about your brand: people, story, contact information, links and community.

    Addition of ‘Reviews’ tab– The new reviews tab will be available on Google+ pages. Users will be able to review restaurants and share with those in their circles. This addition may benefit your business if you can encourage your customers to review you on their Google+ profiles.

    For more information about Google+ and ways it can be used in your social media marketing plan contact JASE Group. A JASE social media marketing plan will expose your business to a broader audience and bring the right customers to you. 

    image credit: Google