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  • At the end of January, Google announced they were implementing a change to their algorithm that looks at layout of a webpage and the amount of content you see when you click on the search result.

    The importance of this update is that page layout is just as important as any other part of web design. Google was tired of receiving complaints from users about bad results experiences based on webpage layouts. Now, webpages with not enough content above the fold will be demoted by Google in favor of balanced webpages.

    Google’s Webpage Layout Requirements
    • Content above the fold – Google wants their users to get to the content they need immediately. They do not want users scrolling and scrolling to get content.
    • Ads – Google realizes ads are important for your website, but a balance is necessary. The websites that are intentionally stuffed with ads will be demoted for those that aren’t.
    • Spacing – Make sure your webpage is not laid out with too much spacing at the top of the page.

    If your webpage is still being affected by the Google layout change, Google says that once the changes are made and the webpages are re-crawled, the website should no longer be penalized. The process of re-crawling depends on the size of your website and how efficiently the GoogleBot can process your website. Google says that process takes a couple weeks on average.

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    Blue Printimage credit: emanueleED on flickr