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  • JASE and friends talking over an Ad Age at Panera Bread for Coffee with the CEO
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    JASE with Ad Week at Panera Bread for Coffee with the CEO

  • Instagram and Pinterest have been around for a little over a year, Instagram seeing almost instant popularity, and Pinterest has burst onto the scene in the last 6 months. The successes of both have made marketers stand alert at these two companies’ influence over social media.

    I read an article from Ad Age last week that talked about how our world has become more visual and this can be supported with both Facebook user data and the increase in popularity of Instagram and Pinterest. The article went on to say that 70% of Facebook user activity is centered on uploading, liking, and sharing photos. The author finished the article saying that in today’s business world a company should be working towards implementing an image strategy and gave three dissection points for each business to weigh in the setting of their strategy.

    This article got me thinking about one question:


    This has been a topic of discussion in our offices for quite some time, more specifically the role of Pinterest in JASE’s and our clients’ social media marketing campaigns. Image strategy definitely serves a purpose in marketing. It started with traditional marketing and it has exploded with online marketing, no doubt leading to the success of image based apps and social communities.

    For certain industries, a presence on Pinterest would be a huge traffic driver to a company’s website. If your business manufactures a product like shoes or electronics, having that image strategy, and the correlating presence on a social community like Pinterest could be a larger traffic driver than any of the other social communities.

    But what if your business provides a service? What if that product or service is not visually appealing? What if you’re a marketing firm like JASE? Would a set of data and strategy charts pinned to our Pinterest boards be a traffic driver? The answer is, possibly.

    The reality is that every business must thoroughly analyze the ROI on implementing an image strategy. A business that fails to perform the proper analysis could suffer a serious setback, as the implementation of an image strategy is no inexpensive task.

    Is your business thinking of expanding its presence on Pinterest? Is an image strategy something your business needs to set itself apart from its competitors? Sit down with JASE today and let’s talk shop, we want to help. As always, please feel free to share this article with friends.

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