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  • Tablet app Zite has announced a new wrinkle to its popular mobile app. Zite released a new Publisher’s Program that creates publisher specific sections to partner with its subject based sections.

    Zite has been a popular tablet app for the way it presents content to the reader and the algorithm that it uses to select the content for the reader. Zite created the program to work with the publishers who had issue with Zite when it launched in 2011. Zite will release the new feature with eight publishers including CNN, Bleacher Report, and the Huffington Post. The goal of this is to drive downloads of individual publishers’ apps because users of Zite’s publisher section will be exposed to preferred content, all from that source.


    There was an inherent need for a feature of this type as publishers had major issues with a content aggregator like Zite taking revenue away from them because users were reading content through Zite or Flipboard instead of the mobile app from the publishers. Zite’s CEO, Mark Johnson, believes that the launch of Publisher Program is a step towards middle ground between content creators and aggregators.

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    Ziteimage credit: JuxDotCom on flickr