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  • You invest in marketing initiatives, you launch advertising campaigns, but can you really tell if they are effective? How can you measure the impact of your campaigns? You may generate a few new leads. You may even have a few new customers walk through your door, but does that return equal your investment? Was that campaign the most cost effective way to get those leads or new customers?

    For many, this is the marketing and advertising world. No real metric available to measure your initiatives and therefore no way to tell if you are spending your advertising and marketing dollars effectively. Consequently, this weakens the trust that executives and upper level management place in the marketing department and as a result, when budget cuts are necessary, they can start in the marketing department or with the outside marketing firm they hired.

    JASE Group offers a creative advertising and marketing solution that allows us to measure your marketing initiatives and the success of your advertising campaigns. The success of this analysis allows us to adjust your advertising campaigns in almost real time, allowing for greater return on your investment.

    What to know more about how a JASE marketing plan can give you measurable ROI? Contact us today and let’s talk.

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  • Creative advertising can often times be the key that separates your business from your competitors. Whether it is a well placed TV ad, a radio spot with a catchy jingle, or a viral social media campaign, creative advertising keeps your name on target audience’s mind. There are several components necessary to creating a successful advertising campaign.

    JASE’s keys to successful creative advertising
    1. Creative vision –  A creative advertising campaign comes from creative people. Having out of the box thinkers capable of applying that creative vision is a necessity.
    2. Knowing your target audience – Do your research. Being able to determine who your potential customers are and how they receive your information is vital. Without this information your advertising campaign could be misguided.
    3. Measurability – Can you measure, real time, how effective your past and present advertising campaigns have been? Are you able to take that information and apply it to future advertising campaigns? The faster you can apply changes to your advertising campaign, the more you separate your business from the competition.

    JASE applies these keys with our clients on a daily basis. It allows our clients to maximize their advertising budgets and allows us to increase our clients return on investment.

    Talk with JASE today to find out how we can use creative advertising to separate your business from your competition.

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  • SMPS Virginia logoJASE Group CEO, Keith Parnell, will be speaking at the 2011 Annual Strategic Planning Workshop for the Society for Marketing Professionals Services (SMPS) in Richmond, VA on September 30, 2011. The topic of conversation will be Inbound Marketing Strategies Supporting a Successful Marketing Plan. More information on SMPS and registration for the workshop can be found on their website here.

    Inbound Marketing Strategies Supporting a Successful Marketing Plan

    Stand-alone traditional marketing no longer makes business sense. Advertising campaigns are costly and consumers are paying less attention to traditional avenues like television commercials and newspaper ads. A strategic mix of online advertising with offline advertising built on a solid inbound marketing lead generation and analytics platform can be the silver bullet that builds your marketing plan into a highly effective toolset.

    Inbound marketing inherently focuses on creating powerful content that will lead potential customers to your brand, product or service line through online methods like searching, referrals, and links from other web entities such as blogs, video and social communities. Inbound marketing is a compliment set of marketing techniques focused on driving quality prospects to your business and its products. Inbound marketing has become widely accepted because it supports the way consumers make purchasing decisions – using the Internet to learn more about the products and services that best meet their needs.

    In our session, we will talk about these marketing and advertising channels, detailed strategies, and how to measure and adjust quickly based on success rates and high-value return on investment criteria. We will also talk about mixing creative advertising campaigns with the powerful inbound marketing analytical methods to help ensure the success of ad dollars spent.

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  • JASE Group LLC ( has hired Cameron Muro as Digital Brand Manager. Mr. Muro will support the company’s strategic plan by actively engaging in planning, organizing, directing, and coordinating implementation of all inbound marketing and communication efforts.

    Norfolk, VA, May 1, 2011: JASE Group LLC ( has hired Cameron Muro as Digital Brand Manager. Mr. Muro will support the company’s strategic plan by actively engaging in planning, organizing, directing, and coordinating implementation of all inbound marketing and communication efforts.

    Mr. Muro will act as project coordinator, liaise with division leads, and develop strong relationships with clients, potential clients, and business partners. Additionally, he will be responsible for JASE’s online brand positioning and message development that includes inbound marketing strategies and online advertising campaigns.

    Mr. Muro, 27, is a life-long resident of Hampton Roads. He is a graduate of Hampton University, with a degree in Business Management. He and his wife, Jennifer, are residents of Newport News.

    The JASE Digital Media division, together with its parent entity JASE Group LLC in Norfolk, VA, is experiencing unprecedented year-over-year growth for 2011. This is seen in both its traditional service stream of information technology and software development, and even more significantly through the pioneering of their digital media solutions. JASE is leading the way in inbound marketing strategies for small businesses including creative advertising, web design & development, lead generation, search engine marketing, social media marketing and search engine optimization.

    More information on JASE Group LLC can be found on their website at

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  • Affordable Small Business Websites

    Affordable Small Business Websites

    JASE Digital Media has been a partnering with small businesses since 1997 creating and developing award winning caliber advertising campaigns, and providing creative services through print and web design, eBusiness solutions through web applications programming, and inbound marketing solutions through SEO, customer lead generation, and social media marketing. No matter what stage your business is in, we have a solution for you. Let’s grow your business together!

    Affordable Internet Presence

    Small Businesses struggle to establish a following early on due to the lack of an advertising budget compared to Big Business. Your business’ success will be dependent on your ability to attract consumers to you.


    $1500 gets it done. Being able to create a quality and affordable web presence will help your business grow and develop its brand. We can even finance monthly payments to get you started. A residual hosting cost of $25 a month will be required for the duration of your service with us.

    What Are You Getting?

    You would get a customizable and controllable content management system driving your branded web design. Also incorporated would be your blog and social communities.

    What’s Your Next Step?

    You’re a pro! Now we setup an inbound marketing plan and incorporate lead generation management with JASE Marketing Manager to make your website a 24/7, 365 day a year salesman for your team.