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  • Nielsen recently released the results of a global survey in which they polled 28,000 online consumers in 56 countries. The survey was based on consumers’ trust in advertising and looked to measure what consumers thought of traditional advertising versus online advertising.

    Some poll results from Nielsen’s study on consumer trust in advertising:
    • Online consumer reviews are the second most trusted form of advertising with 70% of global consumers surveyed online indicating they trust this platform
    • 47% of consumers around the world say they trust paid television, magazine and newspaper ads, confidence declined by 24%, 20%, and 25% respectively since 2009
    • 58% of global online consumers trust “owned media,” such as messages on company websites, and 50% find content in emails they consented to receive to be credible
    • 40% of global respondents find product placements in TV programs to be credible, while 42% trust radio ads and 41% trust pre-movie cinema messages.
    • Ads viewed in search engine results are trusted by 40% of global respondents in Nielsen’s survey, up from 34% in 2007
    • Sponsored ads on social networking sites are deemed credible by 36% of global respondents.

    Read Nielsen’s full report here.

    How should the increase of consumers’ trust in online advertising impact your marketing strategy?

    Online Marketing initiatives should be a regular part of your marketing strategy. A business must do proper analysis to determine the right mix of traditional and online advertising channels because traditional advertising still plays a significant role in today’s marketing strategies. However, if your business is looking to gain a competitive advantage, online marketing can often times be a more affordable solution, if it is implemented properly. The reality is we are an online culture and because of the explosion of blogging, many consumers are comfortable receiving advice from online sources. A content marketing strategy can establish your business as an industry leader; a pay-per-click advertising plan can get your business found by its consumers.

    How is your business using content marketing/pay-per-click advertising to capitalize on the changes to consumers’ habits? Contact JASE today to get started with the inbound marketing plan to separate you from your competitors. As always, please feel free to share this article with friends.

    Trustimage credit: thorinside on flickr