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  • Google’s Matt Cutts recently previewed a few of Google’s summer plans via his blog. The latest round of Google upgrades are designed to help small to medium size businesses and their webmasters.

    If all of Google’s plans come to fruition, Google will continue to help website owners create compelling websites that users love.

    Here are a few of the proposed Google updates:

    Deploying Penguin 2.0: This change is expected to be more comprehensive than the original version of Google Penguin, having a greater impact on web spam and black hat web spam.

    Stronger enforcement on advertorials:  Google will begin looking at advertorials that violate their quality guidelines. Specifically, Google will look at advertorials that flow with or pass PageRank. Google wants advertorials to be clean and evident to users that it’s an advertorial and not organic non-bias content.

    Detecting authority sites: By detecting sites that are authorities in their specific industry, such as medical, travel etc., Google can determine their rank better based on how appropriate the website is for users in that particular area of interest.  Google will also look at Google Panda to find additional signals to help refine sites that are in a gray zone. By finding these signals of quality, Google will be able to help websites receive a better rank that were affected by Pandas initial launch.

    More information to webmasters: Google will start providing more information to webmasters to help with their websites. Information provided to webmasters will include resources to clean and restore hacked websites. Also, Google will provide webmasters with better information to better diagnose their website, including example URLs. With this information, Google hopes webmasters can create and revise websites that work best for users and increase the success of businesses.

    This summer’s changes will decrease spam and help small to medium size businesses increase the visibility of their websites.

    If your website consists of quality organic content you are on the right path and the summer changes will benefit your business. Google is cleaning up and pushing out the spammers and link farms in an effort to give small businesses a better chance of getting noticed.

    Use the Google upgrades to your advantage and remember these tips:

    – Create quality organic content.
    – Create a lot of content that benefits your consumers and website users.
    – Don’t go overboard with keyword usage; create balanced content using an amount of keywords that makes sense to the reader.

    As of now, Google is preparing webmasters and website owners for a good summer in SEO. You can learn more about SEO, local search engine optimization, and building quality content for your website in the Search Engine Optimization section of Or fill out a webform on the right of each page in our website to contact one of our SEO specialists to help your business prepare for Google Penguin 2.0.

    image credit: by Lili Vieira de Carvalho on Flickr