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    We talk a lot about local search engine optimization and local search engine marketing. If you’re serious about making money on the Internet, you need to know the ins and outs of local SEO, or at least partner with an SEO agency like JASE that can keep up on the fast-changing world of Google SEO and Bing SEO for you.

    JASE offers a local search optimization solution for your company that will enhance your local search engine presence. It’s not enough to be the number one position in the search results anymore. With the incorporation of Google Maps and Bing Maps in search results, your #1 search position may get bumped. That’s why it’s equally important to ensure your Google Local & Bing Local listings are optimized and that your company profile is being ranked high in the Google Map search results and Bing Map search results.

    Then of course we must talk about blogging. Local SEO-focused blogging techniques within a content marketing strategy are one of the most important tasks to perform on a daily basis to help boost your local SEO traffic. Unfortunately too many businesses undervalue the benefits of blogging as it falls under the local SEO strategy. Yes, website optimization across the board is crucial. But in order to nail down those page one slots on Google and Bing, fresh, consistent, keyword rich content with a local SEO twist is imperative.

    What do we mean by keyword phrases with a local SEO twist? Here are a few examples that JASE uses in our industry:

    Like I said earlier, and it’s worth repeating, if your small business is serious about competing for consumers on a local level, you should seriously think about partnering with an SEO company like JASE that lives in the details of search engine optimization every day.