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  • We have witnessed Facebook make many changes to its website in an effort to impress stockholders and bring their falling stock price up. The latest news on Facebook developments is an attempt to increase users for the social media network. The developments will have a direct effect on marketers and children under 13.

    Currently, the approved user age for Facebook is 13. As reported by the Wall Street Journal, Facebook is working on technology that would allow children younger than 13 to use Facebook through an attachment to their parent’s Facebook page.

    This news has sparked much debate in the blogosphere among parent groups and education groups. One of the biggest arguments is that children younger than 13 have already become frequent users on the social network and the new technology would only increase parent supervision, an added perk for parents that are okay with their younger children using Facebook. On the other hand, there have been many arguments about child development and security issues.

    The age change to Facebook’s user policy could affect how your small business markets to children through social media marketing

    According to the Huffington Post, Common Sense Media CEO James Steyer, “likened Facebook to ‘Big Tobacco in appealing to young people — try to hook kids early, build your brand, and you have a customer for life.’”

    When the time comes, it will be important to handle new marketing opportunities on Facebook delicately when approaching the new young audience. An aggressive marketing campaign may come off brash and turn-off current and new customers. If your business caters to children and usually markets your products to children then there will always be marketing opportunities for your business, even on Facebook.

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    Child on Computerimage credit: by Paul Mayne on flick