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  • What’s your worst nightmare in an airport (well besides a cancelled flight)? For me, its a cell phone with less than three percent battery life and no charging station in sight. It happens to all of us, you need to make a quick call, but are afraid to use your last bit of battery life – all while frantically searching for an outlet.  For travelers flying through Denver International Airport a dying mobile phone is no longer a worry. DIA in partnership with RMES Communications and DIA’s advertising agent – Clear Channel Airports have announced the release of the RMT Free Phone. The RMT Free Phone offers free domestic and global phone calling with an advertisement-based service. DIA, the first airport in the world to offer the service, will have 200 landline phones equipped with the RMT Free Phone.  Unlimited free calling is available within the U.S.; international calls receive 10 free minutes, with additional fees and a tax applying to additional minutes.

    “While mobile phone usage has increased over the years, there is still a significant population who may not have access to a mobile phone because they do not own one, are traveling abroad or their phone needs to be recharged,” said chief commercial officer John Ackerman in a news release.

    The phones, which operate on a VOIP platform, offer businesses a unique opportunity to connect with thousands of international travelers that move throughout the airport each day. Each station is equipped with a 17-inch LCD screen that can display static digital ads, 15- second commercials and digital coupons. For advertisers the RMT Phone has the potential to filter through the clutter of the approximate 5000 advertisements that consumers are inundated with each day. The RMT Phone as a part of the inbound marketing process, offers business a unique opportunity to target campaigns specifically to traveling clients and to turn those ads into sales leads. For instance, a business could develop an ad that included a unique landing page for each RMT kiosk. Advertisers could then tailor their campaigns based upon audience engagement and RMT phone location.

    How would you use the RMT Phone in your creative marketing strategy? Share your ideas below. As an inbound marketing firm, JASE Group offers creative advertising solutions for clients. Contact us to launch your next inbound marketing campaign. 

    Denver International Airportimage credit: MasterMaq on Flickr