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  • In a recent interview on the Today Show, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo revealed the latest Twitter update. Among the changes are a completely redesigned iPad app, profile pages now have a header image similar to the banner image on Facebook and a re-orientation of the avatar. No longer stuck in the corner, the avatar is now front and center. The photo stream has also been moved up and will be accessible on iPhone, iPad and Android apps, as well.

    This new aesthetically appealing layout is a great opportunity for your brand to visually portray its story. Twitter offers businesses the following advice to maximize the latest Twitter redesign:

    Profile header photo (1252px X 626px for optimal viewing across all devices): Showcase your brand prominently to grab the attention of your profile page visitors.

    Profile background (JPG, PNG, or GIF file, up to 800kb): Create a rich experience with an engaging background image that tells your brand story. The image can be left, center or right aligned — giving you more control and predictive placement of creative elements.

    Pinned Tweet: Highlight your most engaging and important content on your profile page. Select any one of your Tweets to pin to the top of your profile timeline at no extra cost.

    Mobile devices: Update your header image and profile photo on-the-go straight from your mobile device. The images you upload will be automatically resized to fit the viewing screen. Users will always see a consistent visual identity for your brand across platforms, including mobile devices.

    While the update is just days old, Today Show hosts Al Roker, Matt Lauer and even Ryan Seacrest have already customized their Twitter profiles under the new redesign.

    How will you use Twitter’s redesign to expand your brand’s social media presence?  Need ideas? Contact JASE Group. We offer creative, innovative social media and inbound marketing services.

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