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  • The Virginia Peninsula Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) recently hosted Alan Hilburg on May 17. Hilburg is an emotional branding expert who has motivated CEO’s of many large organizations. He was most recently called in by JP Morgan Chase to help the brand determine how to get connected with its shareholders again.

    In the meeting, Hilburg shared that communication only has one goal and that is to listen. Communication is key to building relationships that are built on trust, which is the foundation for creating and building your brand.

    Hilburg offered ten commandments for creating the conditions for loyalty:

    • Connect with people: share the heart of your business.
    • Only create experiences: products fulfill needs while experiences fulfill desires. Speak to your consumers’ desires by creating a memorable experience for them.
    • Lead with context over content: As you increase content on your website and blog make sure that the content is of value.
    • Abandon satisfaction and evolve to an exceptional experience: Your customers will remain faithful to your business because of the service you provide. Your brand and how you service your customers will make them feel attached to your business rather than the product alone.
    • Aspire to be trusted: Gaining trust with your consumers is better than simply being known.
    • Move from identity to protagonist: Become the protagonist in the lives of your consumer. Build your brand with this notion.
    • Evolve from function to feel: When consumers feel for your product and brand they are craving the experience more than the functionality of your product.
    • Don’t sell to sell, create conditions for the buy: Pull consumers into your experience rather than always pushing sale gimmicks on them.
    • Only communicate OIVSIO:  Outside in versus Inside out. Relate to what is happening outside your company rather than pushing from the inside out.
    • Move from service to relationship: Service is simply based on selling. Create a relationship built on loyalty and trust and you will build a brand.

    Brand management and Reputation Management are an important part of any marketing strategy. Creating a brand that has built a relationship with your consumers is essential to the overall success of the company. Contact JASE to build your brand and for additional information on incorporating emotional branding in your branding strategy.

    10 Commandmentsimage credit: by dcdailyphotos on flicr