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  • With this year drawing to a close, it’s hard to forget the most memorable moments and events that defined 2012. From the Olympic Games in London, the presidential election, to the rise of  PSY’s Gangnam Style, 2012  has definitely been defined in terms of pop culture. In case you missed an event or two, Google has launched Zeitgeist 2012 a compilation of the top trending topics for 2012.

    Google Zeitgeist 2012, marks the 12th edition of Google’s  year-end review. The review includes approximately 1.2 trillion searches in 146 languages. Besides overall results – top ten worldwide, Google Zeitgeist 2012 lists the top searches by images, events, athletes, and more, it also includes rankings and breakdowns by country.

    Worldwide “Whitney Houston”, “Gangnam Style” and “Hurricane Sandy” topped the trending searches. The top three events were “Hurricane Sandy“, “Kate Middleton Pictures Released”, and Olympics 2012.  Listed below is the complete list of the top trending topics for 2012. If you are more of a visual person, Google invites you to “explore the moments” with its YouTube video Year in Review: Zeitgeist 2012.

    Top Trending Topics 2012
    1. Whitney Houston
    2. Gangnam Style
    3. Hurricane Sandy
    4. iPad 3
    5. Diablo 3
    6. Kate Middleton
    7. Olympics 2012
    8. Amanda Todd
    9. Michael Clarke Duncan
    10. BBB12

     What trending topics did you find most relevant this year? Share your thoughts below.  JASE Group is a leading inbound marketing firm, contact us to discuss your next content marketing project.

    Google Legosimage credit: Keso on Flickr