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  • In the aftermath of  Superstorm Sandy, many companies are taking a closer look at their social media management and crisis plans. Superstorm Sandy was brutal to the airline industry. Airlines were forced to cancel thousands of flights over several days. After taking a beating from the storm, many also took a beating via social media. Delta, American Airlines, Southwest and many others have been inundated with kudos and complaints regarding the rerouting, cancellations and delays of flights. Their social media pages are full of customer comments about their flight experiences. For an industry that operates 24 hours/7 days a week, social media is a full-time job.

    SimpliFlying recently released a report titled, Airline Social Media Outlook 2012: Resource allocation, challenges and ROI.  The report looked  at the behind the scenes social media operations of 29 social-savvy airlines from the US and across the world.  The report looks at the resources, staffing and budget, that are dedicated to social media, challenges faced by airlines and the ROI.

    Airline Social Media Outlook Report Key Findings:
    • Over 75 percent of airlines invest more than 90 man-hours per month on social media.
    • About 85 percent of the airlines adopt a cross-functional model, with customer service emerging as the most common cross-functional role.
    • Many airlines have mapped the value of social media performance to business goals, among which the top three are 1) brand engagement 2) customer service 3) revenue.
    • The biggest challenge faced by airlines is the insufficient allocation of resources to social media.
    • Over 70 percent of the airlines surveyed plan to increase their social media budget in the next year. (This is almost a two-fold increase compared to a year ago when only 40 percent of the airlines surveyed planned to expand their social media teams.)

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    Pan Am Flight Attendantimage credit: Pop Culture Geek on Flickr