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  • Thanks, Amy, Matt & Nicole!

    Matty Ice is showing that he literally loves him some JASE at Mermaid Winery in Norfolk.

  • How was your weekend? Ours was eventful and fun with sporting events, getting together with friends for the Kentucky Derby, and an early Mother’s Day family cookout. The week at the studio was filled with fun work for our clients, talking to a few new peeps that we hope will become clients, and meeting for coffee with some cool people. If we didn’t meet last week, hit me up and let’s get together. I’d love to hear what’s going on in your life. And be sure to tweet me here and let me know how things are going. It’s so much fun to hear from you on Twitter.

    After reading through our newsletter, be sure to check out the photo at the bottom from our Where has JASE taken you? series. It was taken at Billy’s Seafood Market in Kill Devil Hills, NC while on a mini-vacation with our friends Scott & Tracy, Matt & Amy, and Jon & Christie. If you have a Where has JASE taken you? photo, shoot me an email with the photo and we’ll feature it to our readers. Need a JASE card or koozie? I can send that to you too.

    Monday, April 27th

    • Denise and Cameron pushed into production four new ad concepts for May for Nathan’s Lynnhaven Pawn in Virginia Beach. Holy cow, these look fabulous.
    • Cameron continued his productive content marketing work for Janney Insurance Agency in Yorktown and Chesapeake and also for Gordy EyeCare in Phenix City, AL. Don’t understand why content marketing with a social push is important? Tweet Cameron and he’ll get your started in this powerful system.
    • The creative team worked on the cobbler’s shoes a little on Monday. We published a a new set of graphics with supporting copy to our JASE Gallery. Have you checked it out at

    Tuesday, April 28th

    • Bart continued his work on a stationery packet for Dragas Companies‘ Spence Crossing at Princess Anne Fernhill Village condominiums in Virginia Beach. Simultaneously Walt continued work on the community signage for the same community. Amazing creative work from both of these guys.
    • I was surprised by a fun visit at the studio from Jennifer (daughter, prego with my 2nd granddaughter, by the way) and Cassidy (niece). They stopped by after visiting Old Dominion University where Cass will be attending in the Fall.
    • We published a new social article, Hanging Out Talking Shop with Friends (, on Tuesday. Did you read it yet?
    • Our web development team continued working through the new apps for Williamsburg Coffee & Tea. I can’t wait to see these bad-boys in action.

    Wednesday, April 29th

    • Cameron and I had lunch with a new client, Joe of Iggles Cheesesteaks & Burgers in Virginia Beach. Fun discussion on creative strategies with a way-cool guy.
    • While we were down in Virginia Beach, Cameron and I stopped by the Media East print shop to proof vinyl exterior building signage for our client, Hampton Mental Health Associates.
    • We published a new social article, Lunch with A Client at Iggles Cheesesteaks & Burgers (, on Wednesday afternoon with a photo from our client visit. Check it out–it’ll make your mouth water.
    • Nicole and I stopped by Mermaid Winery in Norfolk after work for their monthly wine club pickup and tasting. We hung out with our friends, Matt & Amy, and a few other regulars in the club.

    Thursday, April 30th

    • I met with one of our newest clients, Russ & Stephanie of Dirty Buffalo in Norfolk fame, to talk creative strategies on an upcoming website redesign. We also talked through the details of an upcoming on-site photo shoot session that we’ll be creative directing. More details on that in the coming weeks.
    • We delivered final, print-ready art for the Dragas Companies‘ Spence Crossing at Princess Anne Fernhill Village condominiums stationery packet on Thursday. Bart is the man!
    • We published a social article, Nothing Like The Atmosphere of The Best Wings Joint In Town for A Creative Meeting (, on my visit to Dirty Buffalo earlier in the day. Again, mouth watering!
    • Nicole and I met our friends Tom & Jane at Plaza del Sol in Norfolk for margaritas. Ahh, relaxing.

    Friday, May 1st

    • Our tech team walked through the domain registrar transfer process with Bob of First Choice Nurses in Virginia Beach and Richmond. If you don’t understand the technical aspects of such, no worries–we understand. Our guys are experts!
    • Our creative team met a few times this week laying out the creative strategy for Andrea’s La Bella in Ghent’s upcoming website redesign. Andrea has settled on a design so we’re moving forward. Fun!
    • Our marketing team worked through pay-per-click account management for Dragas Companies and Nathan’s Lynnhaven Pawn. If you don’t think this process is complex, you’re not doing it right. We’re lucky to have these smart guys on our team.
    • The team published a new social article, Collateral Design: 6×9 Postcard for The JASE Restaurant Marketing System (×9-postcard-for-the-jase-restaurant-marketing-system), showing off a postcard flyer we developed for the new restaurant system. Check it out in the JASE Gallery.

    Saturday, May 2nd

    • Saturday was fun-day! Nicole and I celebrated the running of the Kentucky Derby at Mermaid Winery with Tom & Jane and Matt & Amy. And then we had dinner at Supper Southern Morsels in Norfolk with Tom & Jane. While I was there, I ran into an old friend, Karl, owner of Bardo Edibles, Public House, Still, and Supper. I hadn’t seen him in a while so it was fun to catch up.

    Sunday, May 3rd

    • We celebrated an early Mother’s Day for Nicole and Jennifer with a cookout at Jeri’s Castle. Jeri’s Castle, you ask? My granddaughter Jeri’s house, of course. :) Again, another fun day.

    I hope you have a great week. And be sure to stop in for coffee or tea soon at the studio (click here for directions). Don’t forget about our referral system. If you have a friend in your life that would benefit from our creative services, do like Matt did and refer them to us. When they sign up, you make cash. Pretty cool, huh?

    Keep your chin up, your eyes bright, and your ears open–you never know when a juicy bit of knowledge will come flying at you.

    Your friend in Christ,

    Billy's Seafood Market in Kill Devil Hills, NC
    Billy’s Seafood Market in Kill Devil Hills, NC
    with Scott & Tracy, Matt & Amy, Jon & Christie
    Where has JASE taken you?