Our Thought in One Place

  • In today’s constantly changing world, social media can offer many great advantages to companies interested in communicating with their stakeholders. In the world of public relations social media communities and users can help push your companies message. Unfortunately, everything is not always pleasant on social media and can lead to small crisis communications situations for organizations.

    A few examples of social mishaps are below:

    • A KitchenAid team member accidentally tweeted a political tweet from the brands Twitter page rather than their personal page.
    • Brands used trending hashtags regarding the devastating Hurricane Sandy to promote their brands.
    • Brands also used hashtags that were highjacked. For example, McDonald’s hashtag #McDstories was highjacked by customers that were unhappy with McDonald’s and its quality of food.

    The best way to avoid social media mishaps is to create a social media plan. Often, without a plan social media is off the cuff and doesn’t often work. By creating a plan or strategy for your business the possibilities of incidents is limited. Creating a social media plan also helps you get results in your marketing efforts.

    JASE tips to creating a successful social media plan.
    • Create goals– Know what you would like to see out of your social media plan as it relates to marketing, engagement and sales. Know what is possible and set realistic goals so the plan is not doomed from the beginning.
    • Action steps– Take specific actions that will help you complete each goal. These actions can include the creation of a social media schedule or a list of planned content for different social media communities. each action should be specific to the goal.
    • Measure results– Determine what tools will help you measure your efforts. There are numerous free analytic tools that can measure your social media activity. Facebook has always some form of insights on each business page. By analyzing what you have done you will learn what works for your business and what needs to change.

    Social media planning does not have to be difficult. Often establishing goals is the easiest way to break the ice and helps you determine how you will accomplish each goal.

    Social media is even easier with assistance from the pros at JASE Group. At JASE a specific social media strategy is created to increase your businesses marketing capabilities. With JASE social media marketing is more than a few tweets. Learn more about a tailor-made social media marketing plan for your business by contacting JASE today.

    KitchenAidimage credit: by MrDays on Flickr