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  • The History Press is giving everyone an opportunity to experience the Titanic the same way we experience other everyday events – through Twitter.  April 15 marks the 100th anniversary of the sinking of Titanic. To commemorate the anniversary, @TitanicRealTime will tweet day-to-day events as if it were 1912.

    The account, which began tweeting on March 10, has more than 35,000 followers.  Each tweet uses hashtags to represent who is tweeting. Tweeters include, #photographer, #engineering, #crew, #officer and more.

    Recent tweets include twitpics of passengers walking on the public walking deck of the Titanic from the #photographer and a declaration from #engineering that navigating through the North Pole can be tricky.

    The History Press has found a great use of Twitter and a great way to share the history of the Titanic with such a broad audience.  According to a Mashable article, the History Press is also releasing an iPad app based on some of their research of the Titanic.

    The way Twitter has been used has gone far beyond their initial intent; Twitter has been a part of major political and social movements across the world and has played a major role in political discussions here in the U.S. The @TitanicRealTime proves that the uses of Twitter are endless.

    Will you be following the real time Titanic tweets? What do you think about the idea? Let JASE know what you think on the JASE Facebook page. Know someone who may need a little Titanic history lesson, share this post with them.

    Dry Docked Titanic Shipimage credit: Joshua Chang on flickr