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  • What’s the best way to make a comeback? According to BlackBerry, change your name.

    In hopes of regaining the original #TeamBlackBerry, fanatics of Blackberry handsets that remained loyal to RIM when Apple introduced the iPhone, RIM has decided to change its name to BlackBerry. In addition to the new name, BlackBerry has also introduced a new operating system and two new telephones.

    While the operating system promises to offer quick, stable and amazing features, the most important part of the BlackBerry comeback is the name change and the efforts to re-brand the business.

    Let’s be honest, the name was not as cool as Apple or for that matter Android. Beyond being cool, consumers know Apple; they have branded themselves to be understood by consumers. People fell in love with Steve Jobs and the company he built.

    No one understood RIM or what they represented, but everyone knew BlackBerry. The branding confusion, along with the missteps with its products, is what caused the decline of RIM. With the addition of celebrity songstress Alicia Keys as global creative director of BlackBerry to “add more bling,” and the name change; BlackBerry is on the right path to re-branding.

    Branding is important for every business, big and small; taking the time to brand your business appropriately will help you avoid changing the name later.

    JASE tips for branding your business.
    • Connect with you consumers– Share information about your business and people that make your business what it is in an effort to humanize your business and connect with consumers.
    • Make every experience with a customer memorable– Provide consumers with an experience that makes them want to return. Your brand and how you service your customers will attach consumers to your business rather than the product alone.
    • Don’t focus on the sell, focus on the customer– Create a relationship built on loyalty and trust and your consumers will know that your business is about more than a quick sell. This attitude will build a brand.

    Creating a brand that has built a relationship with your consumers is essential to the overall success of the company. Contact JASE to build your brand and create a business that consumers will support.
    Old BlackBerryimage credit: by Ninja M. on Flickr